Reach B2B and B2C Audiences

Understanding your audience is more critical than ever for making informed business decisions. By leveraging one of the world’s largest and most representative global panels, Research Now enables clients to understand both B2B and B2C audiences.


To reach these consumers and business leaders, Research Now offers fast, high-quality and comprehensive research solutions. Through cross-platform integration and advanced profiling techniques, we are able to target and survey hard-to-reach B2B and B2C audiences at home or on-the-go.


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Our Services

You want proven products and solutions that improve the delivery of the reliable data you need.

We give you an extensive range of services, from programming and hosting to sample delivery, scripting to online reporting, to power your insights.

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Our Panels

You want the most far-reaching, quality source for online panelists.

We give you  access to over 6.5 million consumers, business professionals and hard-to-reach audiences around the world.

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Press & Events

You want an online research company with a strong voice in the industry.

We give you all the latest news on how we are helping our industry go further.

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Panel Quality

You want the best quality results from the best quality panels.

We give you the most varied panels and the most dependable results.

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Great Lakes Winter Conference

Great Lakes Winter Conference Fort Myers Beach, FL

20 - 22 Jan ‘16 |
IAB Annual Leadership Meeting

IAB Annual Leadership Meeting Palm Desert, CA

24 - 26 Jan ‘16 |
Pharm Market Research Conference

Pharm Market Research Conference Parsippany, NJ

03 - 04 Feb ‘16 |
Research Now Launches Beta Testing of Automated Research Solution Suite

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08 Feb ‘16 |
New Research Now® Panel Provides Comprehensive Insights into Animal Health and Agriculture in US and UK

Deeply Profiled Panel Reaches Animal Health Experts and Animal Owners

08 Feb ‘16 |
Research Now Executive Assumes Additional Sales Responsibilities

Greg Ellis Announced as Head of North American Sales PLANO, TEXAS

04 Nov ‘15 |
Is Your Research Stuck in the Phone Age?

During the last two decades, online surveys have become the dominant method

27 May ‘15 |
So you built a private panel. Now what?

Private panels allow brands to take control of the collection of their

27 Jan ‘15 |
How a Mobile-Enabled World is Changing Research

Duration: 30 minutes View the introduction of our new, proprietary

05 Aug ‘14 |
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