Tracking Studies

Rev up your next tracking study

Lap after lap, Research Now will keep you on pace with:

Sample sources that consistently deliver

With over 6.5 million  panelists and access to millions of survey respondents sourced from the web, we provide the largest online source of quality respondents.

Proven expertise

Our team successfully fields over 1,400 tracking studies annually, including several massive, multi-country projects with tens of thousands of interviews.

Tenured, lead project managers

Our dedicated tracking study team has the experience and knowledge required to manage large scale and complex tracking projects.

Processes that help you go the distance

Utilizing established quota management techniques we ensure that you receive your completes in the timeframe you specify, with no sample biases between waves.

Established and trustworthy reputation

For over a decade we have been delivering complex and multi-country tracking and custom research projects for over 90% of the world’s top market research agencies.

Strong foundations

We help with parallel testing and calibration studies to get your tracking studies off the ground.