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    The Great Divide: Those Who Buy and Those Who Sell Data - Jan 11, 2017

    The Greenbook Research Industry Trends (GRIT) report wrapping up 2016 is out just in time for the new year and it’s full of insights about our methods and modes, buzz and hype, and client needs. But the most engaging read illustrates the divide that is developing between those who buy and those who sell data….

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    Sampling: the Lost Art of Market Research - Jan 10, 2017

    I feel like I’ve been writing (and talking) about the importance of smartphone-compatible online surveys repetitively over the last two years, and that’s probably because I have been. And it hasn’t just been me. My colleagues, our data collection clients, competitors and partners have also all been waving the same red flag. The red flag is of course that if we do not permit…

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    3 Predictions for the Future of Healthcare - Jan 10, 2017

    Last year, I predicted a strong transition into integrated data and using passive behavioral measurements and appends to find solutions with data already collected. A year later, this capability is continuing to show increasing prevalence. With 1 in 20 searches on the Internet being healthcare related, it is important to continue to know where and…

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    Tracking Studies: Embracing Change while Mitigating Risk - Dec 15, 2016

    Making the most of a parallel run   I wanted to start this blog with an amusing anecdote about geometry and parallel lines; but, thinking about it, either (a) I’m not as funny as I think I am (most likely answer), or (b) there’s nothing particularly funny about parallel lines. And there’s also nothing terribly…

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    The Importance of the Market Research Screener - Dec 13, 2016

    As I think back to the topics we have covered in recent months regarding research quality, I recall what you might expect. Mobile design considerations. Panel partnership and sourcing. Automating in-survey checks. Reviewing and coding open ends. Bayesian techniques for identifying outliers. But what I haven’t seen enough about, or maybe anything about, is how…