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Helping you find the story in your data.
We all love our data quantified, but sometimes there is a story behind the numbers that we want to read more into. Qualitative Research Suite from Research Now can help you solve this mystery.

Our offering will reduce costs while increasing participation from your ideal candidates. It removes geographical constraints typical of qualitative research, and reduces time limitations making it easier to recruit busy B2B and other hard to reach audiences. It also provides a unique opportunity to re-contact group participants at later date.

We offer Online Focus Group, Discussion Board, Image & Video Feedback, Online Community and In-Depth Interview

The Research Now Advantage:

  • Global Reach:
    Conduct qualitative research across time zones in multiple countries and in multiple languages
  • On-demand Recruiting:
    Reduce recruitment lead time with real time recruitment, and lower dropout rates by instantly surveying the participants
  • Managed Incentives:
    Eliminate incentive fulfillment and let Research Now administer rewards to the participants
  • Patented Client backroom*:
    Watch the focus group take place and communicate privately with individuals
  • Device Agnostic:
    Let respondents take survey on tablets or computers
  • Works in low bandwidth environments and no plugins required: Make your studies accessible anywhere
  • Outstanding sample quality:
    Leverage our superior panels to better target your desired audience
  • Improved response rates:
    Provide a confidential environment for respondents to discuss sensitive topics that might be otherwise avoided due to social pressures

Research Now’s Hybrid Interviewing® offering lets you supplement your quantitative research with our online qualitative solutions to gain perspective on a segment’s responses. Research Now can recruit your quantitative respondents into online discussions so you can drill down on specific issues.

These online qualitative solutions complement recurring trackers and ad-hoc studies where additional context is necessary. By leveraging our leading global panel capabilities, a combined quantitative-qualitative strategy results in holistic, comparable, consistent and high-quality data to drive decisions.

Online Focus Group

Leverage Research Now panelists through itracks’ industry-leading online qualitative technology platform to conduct a focused, real-time discussion to get insights into your target market’s collective views and the meanings that lie behind those views.


  • Instant access to data
  • Fast project turnarounds
  • Works on low bandwidth
  • Interactive polling

Works Great For:

  • Interviews that involve client observer feedback during the interview
  • Projects with multiple interviews requiring scheduling
  • Interviews that require transcription and management of transcripts
  • Gathering Collective Views

Discussion Board

Give respondents the ability to log on at their leisure and provide feedback over a set period of days,weeks, or months. Engage them in the research asynchronously, or over a period of time on mobile, tablet or online. The methodology gives you greater geographic reach and longer, more in-depth transcripts than any other qualitative methodology. Conduct your research in-home, in-field, in-store, or even offline.


  • Interactive mobile app with offline capabilities
  • Reliable video capabilities
  • Randomized questions and topics

Works Great For:

  • In home usage testing
  • Ethnography and diary studies
  • Concept testing with feedback cycles

Image & Video Feedback

Gather comments from participants quickly, interactively and economically with our Image and Video Feedback services. Respondents use intuitive tools within an online platform to easily provide feedback and mark up multiple types of media. Researchers receive visual creative feedback and insightful reports including heat maps, word frequencies and video reels with comments.


  • Images and Video mark-up tool
  • Heat Map Reports
  • Feedback Tools - emoticons, comment boxes, text highlighting, and drawing tools

Works Great For:

  • Advertisement testing
  • Video testing
  • Concept testing
  • Collecting feedback on webpage designs
  • Package design research


Research Now has teamed up with itracks to provide you with a powerful integrated resource. itracks is a world-leading provider of qualitative research software and the US patent holder for online qualitative applications. Leading market research professionals and Fortune 500 companies recognize itracks’ online and mobile applications as the most client-focused, reliable and flexible. Leveraging Research Now panelists through itracks’ industry-leading online qualitative technology platform, we present an ideal solution for all your online qualitative research needs.

*Patent held by itracks

Online Community

Imagine being able to ask your customers a question whenever you want and receive feedback almost instantly. Whether you have a proprietary panel, or you need a panel recruited, we are here to help you manage your panel within our software and regularly engage them with research activities. Gain insight on customer satisfaction, loyalty, perception, and spending habits.


  • Mobile capabilities
  • Leaderboards
  • Transcript with embedded videos
  • Highlight reel tagged videos

Works Great For:

  • Mini-communities
  • Proprietary Panels
  • Medium-term feedback engagements

In-Depth Interviews

Blend the simplicity of the text and video chat and the convenience of our scheduling, transcribing and backroom features or share media through the whiteboard feature to guide conversation. Research Now’s In-Depth Interview service is created to provide you a secure and effortless means to gather qualitative data. Clients may listen and speak privately through the online backroom when researcher is asking questions.


  • Real-time face-to-face interaction
  • Streamlined booking and technical checking services
  • Individual or group interviewing

Works Great For:

  • Interviews where media viewing is required
  • Interviews that involve client observer feedback during the interview
  • Projects requiring multiple scheduled interviews
  • Studies that require long interviews (up to 2hrs)

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