Agile Consumer Research: Speed and Efficiency as a Competitive Advantage

November 20, 2017
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As today’s consumer has become more plugged in, and more accustomed to personalization and tailored content, products, and services, the modern B2C marketer’s job has become more challenging, high-stake, and rewarding all at the same time.

In order to formulate meaningful and actionable touchpoints to best activate consumers, marketers and researchers must maintain a real-time pulse of consumers’ attitudes and behavior. Whether this is managed in-house or on a partially or completely outsourced basis, agile consumer insights require research projects to be turned around in hours or days versus weeks or months.

Simplified quick-turn research not only enables speed to insights cost-efficiently but also creates an opportunity for iterative learning that hones business strategy and instills confidence in marketing tactics. When combined with advanced data visualizations that cut the hassle of sifting through large sets of data, marketers can make meaningful discoveries which lead to additional insights that could be the key to a competitive advantage.

According to a Digsite study, marketing strategy was the most important daily decision faced by marketing managers, with consumer insights being another top response.

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