How to Leverage the Power of Survey Data [Infographic]

January 18, 2018
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According to FactSet data from the most recent fiscal year, tech companies in the U.S. spent more on research and development than any other companies in the S&P 500 that reported such data. Market research has the power to positively impact strategic business decisions for competitive advantage, and, ultimately, drive business success. To further delve into how the fast-paced tech industry is leveraging market research, Research Now SSI and Lawless Research recently conducted a study to discover if it truly drives success. Below are some insights into the full report.

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New offerings from research companies make it easier than ever to integrate both first-party customer data as well as third-party data into primary research data – expanding its value and broadening the perspective it captures on customer opinions and preferences, enabling companies to draw more focused insights with greater confidence.

RESEARCH REPORT: How Research Insights Drive Success for Technology Companies

Research Now SSI partnered with Lawless Research and the American Marketing Association to determine if insights derived from survey research drive success for tech companies. To discover how technology companies are leveraging market research to drive success, download the full report by clicking below.

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