Transform the customer experience and drive growth in today’s highly competitive market

The banking industry is being challenged to meet customers’ increasing expectations for personally relevant engagement, offers and services. In order to meet these challenges, it is important to gain deep insight into your customers as well as your competitors to be successful.

Comprehensive Data Solutions

As the established global experts in research data and services to drive powerful insights, we can offer a range of market research solutions designed to help you achieve better business decisions and better results.

Assess Key Brand Metrics

Leverage survey research to assess brand awareness and perception, customer satisfaction, opportunities for growth, competitive positioning, life-cycle financial planning, and more

Streamline Research

Reduce uncertainty and minimize time and resources by streamlining research on concept testing, message testing, and brand health utilizing powerful dashboard reporting

Accelerate market research with fast results

Let us do the heavy lifting while you save time and money. Our automated research solutions enable streamlined, quick-turn data collection of reliable customer satisfaction, attitude and usage, brand health, and share of wallet studies. Our real-time, user-friendly dashboard allows data visualization and reporting to be accessible in days, not weeks, and is perfect for projects with limited budgets.

Streamlined, Quick-Turn Data Collection

Real-Time, User-Friendly Dashboards

Reporting Accessible in Days, Not Weeks

Perfect for Projects with Limited Budgets

Enrich your market research data

Enhance your existing research activities by securely integrating your proprietary and/or third-party segmentation data with our deeply-profiled, global panelist data. Gain an integrated customer view across demographics, psychographics, and digital behavior at a scale that is necessary to provide meaningful results to fuel applicable insights.

Evaluate advertising campaigns

Optimize and measure the impact of your advertising campaigns across multiple devices with the advanced ability to connect to a single individual. Assess the performance of key brand metrics such as unaided and aided brand awareness, brand familiarity, online ad awareness, brand favorability, purchase intent, and brand perception using our interactive reporting dashboard. Research Now’s ad measurement and effectiveness solutions make it easier to evaluate whether your advertising campaigns are effective and, as a result, maximize marketing ROI.

Measure Performance of Key Brand Metrics

Access Interactive Reporting Dashboard

Evaluate Advertising Effectiveness

Maximize Marketing ROI