Audience Activation


Find the perfect audience and customer segment for your brand

Identify the right target audience for your advertising. Research Now’s in-depth profile data allows you to find the right segment – even when it is unique or niche – and our relationships with ad platforms enable you to scale them effectively for your campaign targeting.

Create a seed to match your advertising strategy

Research Now’s data provides a solution to create custom seeds representing your hard-to-reach and proprietary audiences

Refine Audience Selection

Data is enriched by hundreds of self-reported profile attributes to further refine audience selection

Utilize Segmentation Data

Identify the audience you need by implementing a customized segmentation survey or apply your own segmentation data

Overlay Third-Party Data

Overlay third-party data, such as IRI™ ProScores, Experian® or Acxiom®, with Research Now’s panelist data

Distribution to your partner of choice

The seeds you create with us can easily be scaled with the partner of your choice. Research Now’s data is connected to hundreds of ad tech partners, such as:


Increase accuracy of targeting

Utilizing Research Now’s created segments, you can:

Target Hard-to-Reach Audiences

Decrease the Amount of Wasted Impressions