Audience Validation


Validate how effectively you are reaching your target audience

The combination of Research Now SSI’s extensive collection of data from opted-in individuals across the globe – one of the world’s largest first-party data assets – with DMA-Institute’s audience validation SaaS solution offers brands, advertising and media agencies, market research agencies, and publishers an unparalleled solution. Permissioned data from actual consumers along with an open, independent platform provides a singular assurance of trustworthy, accurate and unbiased results to optimize advertising performance and efficiency through audience verification and viewability measurement.

The addition of Enterprise and Performance Analytics Platforms allows marketers, advertisers and publishers to measure, validate and optimize for active measurement (research) as well as passive measurement (viewability, reach, audience) across the digital value chain: online display and video formats, social media advertising, branded content and in-app formats. The technology complements and augments Research Now SSI’s cross-media ADimension® solution for digital advertisers.

Adform Partners with Research Now to Deliver Enhanced Audience Targeting and Digital Advertising Performance Through First-Party Data

In September 2017, Adform and Research Now formed a partnership to help digital advertisers optimize campaign delivery, measurement, and performance. Publishers, agencies, and corporations will be better able to reach the right consumers at the right time on the right device with the inclusion of Research Now’s first-party data on Adform’s agnostic advertising platform. Adform clients can access Research Now’s Audience Validation solution to view the actual exposed audience to a digital campaign to assess effectiveness in reaching their intended universe.