ADimension® Campaign Effectiveness


Understand the impact of advertising campaigns to ensure that you’re spending your ad dollars effectively

Measure the performance of your advertising campaign across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, including in-app, using key brand metrics to better understand consumer insights from an individual centric view.

Interact and analyze results via our visualization tool, enabling you to improve campaign effectiveness and maximize advertising ROI.

Research Now SSI’s ADimension® solution is approved specifically for measuring digital brand lift ad effectiveness on Google’s YouTube marketing platform. Powered by Research Now SSI’s extensive global data asset, ADimension will help YouTube advertisers better understand the performance of their digital ads and audiences, for better return on their investments and stronger brand relationships. Outside of YouTube, ADimension measures cross-media ad effectiveness, both online and offline.

Improve performance throughout each phase of the campaign

Measure Brand KPI Lifts

Conduct in-flight or post-campaign ad effectiveness surveys to exposed and control groups

Evaluate Exposure

Gain insight into ad and site exposure via our proprietary tagging and cookie technology

Compare Performance

Ability to compare performance across different publishers and creative messages

Evaluate and optimize campaigns with dynamic dashboard reporting

Measure Campaign Impact

Measure the impact of ad campaigns on exposed and control groups against key brand metrics: unaided and aided brand awareness, brand familiarity, online ad awareness, brand favorability, purchase intent, and brand perceptions

Segment Data

Segment data by creative, placement, site, and exposure frequency

Reporting Filters

Test results at various confidence levels and filter by demographics, education, income and more.