SmartAR™ Custom


A repeatable solution that optimizes existing research

SmartAR™ combines the power of automation with real-time reporting and dashboards enabling you to solve business challenges like testing new products and ad concepts. Our intelligent research platform simplifies data processing and offers the ability to export results and visualizations, helping you analyze your data and tell the complete story.

Our team helps you create a repeatable solution with your existing research and limited resources, increasing speed to insight in a cost-saving, time efficient manner. Whether you’re trying to identify customers, gain insights to current or new markets, or understand your competition, our automated approach to research is the solution for you.


Streamlined Set-Up Process

Real-Time Reporting and Dashboard Visualizations

Export Raw Data and Graphics

Accurate Benchmark Measurements

Access to Research Now's High-Quality Panel

Specialized Team to Consult and Configure your Survey Templates