SmartAR™ Modular


Increase productivity and standardization by decreasing errors and drive consistency and flexibility

SmartAR™ combines the power of automation with real-time reporting and dashboard visualizations to solve business challenges such as purchase behavior, share of wallet, awareness, or usage. With specially-designed dashboards, you can quickly analyze and visualize your data, and efficiently share results in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our modular solution provides access to a suite of pre-configured questions that allow you the flexibility to design your own template.


Streamlined Set-Up Process

Real-Time Reporting and Dashboard Visualizations

Export Raw Data and Graphics

Accurate Benchmark Measurements

Access to Research Now's High-Quality Panel


SmartAR™ self-selected research modules include:

  • Market Profile and Demos
  • Category Familiarity and Use
  • Product Satisfaction
  • KPCs (Key Performance Characteristics)
  • Purchase Intent
  • Share of Wallet