SmartAR™ Standard


Pre-configured templates for quicker business decisions

SmartAR™ combines the power of automation with real-time reporting and dashboard visualizations to solve a critical set of business challenges. You will have access to a suite of seven pre-configured study types including attitude & usage, brand health, customer satisfaction, share of wallet, concept test, creative test, and employee culture.

Our easy-to-use dashboards allow you to quickly analyze and visualize data and efficiently share results. With our intelligent research platform, you gain insights in a timely and cost-effective manner, improving your productivity with more time for strategic-level thinking.


Streamlined Set-Up Process

Real-Time Reporting and Dashboard Visualizations

Export Raw Data and Graphics

Accurate Benchmark Measurements

Access to Research Now's High-Quality Panel


SmartAR™ standard research templates include:

Attitude & Usage

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Brand Health

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Concept Test

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Creative Test

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Customer Satisfaction

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Employee Culture

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Share of Wallet

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