Healthcare Panel


Connect to hard-to-reach healthcare professionals and patients

Research Now has earned a reputation for high-quality, deeply-profiled panels, and our healthcare panels are no different. We understand the unique challenges of the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, and realize reaching physicians and healthcare professionals can be challenging.

With access to more than 180,000 physicians, nurses, payers, and non-physicians, our healthcare audiences provide opinions from qualified medical professionals and patients representing more than 100 medical conditions and ailments in over 45+ countries.

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Reach your target audience in three key areas:


  • Stringent respondent verification
  • Wide range of specialties

Healthcare Professionals

  • Hospital executives, nurses, pharmacists, optometrists, administrators, caregivers, etc.
  • Over 250 sub-specialties

Consumer Ailments

  • Over 60 million people reached globally
  • More than 100 ailments
  • Tailor-made solutions for hard-to-reach groups