Customer Database Integration


Apply your customer’s perspectives to Research Now fielded studies

Enhance your research by matching your database with our extensive list of consumers, influencers, and decision makers. This allows you to gain a comprehensive view of your customers and non-customers’ behaviors and factors affecting these behaviors. Our process provides greater flexibility to manage segmentation schemes, increases overall quality by the use of verifiable data, and prevents bias for better results.

Match Your Database with Ours

Enjoy Greater Flexibility and Segmentation

Increase Quality with Verifiable Data

Prevent Bias for Better Results

Features and Benefits

  • Enables you to target your customer and non-customers
  • Leverage CRM metrics to gain deeper insights
  • Measure digital advertising effectiveness and validate online data to be more effective
  • Connect results to primary, blinded, and unbiased research
  • Enhance customer metrics with over a thousand profile parameters