Shopper Intelligence™


Understand the why behind the buy

Gain powerful, in-depth insights from tens of thousands of shopper survey responses annually, covering all major retail banners and all major CPG categories, fueled by Research Now’s global panel of respondents.

Shopper Intelligence™ provides an added level of understanding you simply cannot get from conventional panel, loyalty, and scan data. These types of data can tell you what shoppers buy, but not what they want, their priorities, and how they make their decisions.

Shopper Intelligence™ is a trademark of Shopper Measures International Private Ltd. and is used under license.

With unique metrics, Shopper Intelligence can help you:

  • Identify how to better invest shopper marketing budgets
  • Understand which shoppers will respond best to what kind of promotions
  • Reduce inefficient assortment and position new products in the right segments
  • Strengthen joint plans between supplier and retailer with objective facts
  • Place the shopper at the heart of your business strategy