Research Now Advantage Cornerstone 2:
As the creator of the first B2B panel and the originator of online panel data, we continue to develop and refine proven, innovative methods and cross-platform technologies to optimize research performance.


Panel Platform and Methodologies

Our NOVA technology incorporates state-of-the-art technology and tools such as Adobe Marketing Cloud CRM to support our robust recruitment and engagement models and manage our extensive collection of Profile parameters:

Recruitment Model

Our unique approach gives you the benefit of a range hundreds of recruitment sources across channels, curated to ensure a balanced population. Sources include partner panels across a diverse network, open recruitment panels, proprietary panels and social media sample

Engagement Model

Our proprietary approach ensures reliable, focused panel responses through management of participation frequency; a meaningful and effective incentive model; deep and actively-managed profiling for up-to-date, relevant data; overall management of the member experience via state-of-the-art tools and monitoring by loyalty professionals

Sample Delivery and Sampling Optimization

Our global proprietary web-based sampling application, STS, is at the core of our extensive fielding capabilities. It provides fast and accurate automated delivery of the right research participants at the right time. It can also balance the sample to produce data based on the fielding method. Our technology is enhanced by the experience and sophistication of our sampling team, who can recommend the best approach from a varied toolset, including representative augmentation.

Receive Fast and Accurate Automated Delivery

Balance Sample to Produce Data Based on Fielding Method

Access Recommendations from Sophisticated Sampling Team


The latest numbers (January, 2017) released by Pew Research Center show that 77% of U.S. adults have smartphones, up from 68% in 2015. A whopping 92% of young U.S. adults 18-to-29 years old own smartphones. These percentages will continue to increase, making mobile an imperative research consideration. Research Now’s Mobile Research Score® Rating System lets us assess the mobile readiness of your surveys and partner with you to redesign research designed for desktops into mobile-friendly engagements.

of U.S. adults have smartphones
of U.S. Adults 18-to-29 years old own smartphones
of online surveys taken are on smartphones

Automated Research

At a time where budgets and resources are shrinking while the need and demand for effective research are increasing, our research platform provides an automated beginning-to-end process for rapid, efficient sample selection, surveying and reporting. Whether you’re determining brand market share, testing concepts, assessing purchase intent, undertaking competitive comparisons and more, our automated research platform offers robust functionality and an intuitive user experience, including extensive visualization tools to portray results in a variety of formats. Filters and weighting schemes can be applied for “what if” exploration and dashboard information can be exported for inclusion in presentations, including the on-the-fly manipulation of visualizations.

Beginning-to-End Automation

Robust, Intuitive Functionality

Extensive Visualization Tools

Integrated Data Methodology

For a more comprehensive customer view and advanced targeting, Research Now’s SamplePlus® integrated data platform connects Big Data to survey data. We link client CRM and transactional data, Research Now data, and third-party data for custom profiling, segment scoring and analysis, and improved predictive modelling.

Total Research Quality® System

Through specific technology tools, process behavior, pattern analysis, statistics and algorithms, we ensure top quality data. A comprehensive, integrated suite of tools, metrics, procedures, and policies, our total quality approach operates across the panelist lifecycle and across every project to help you achieve better decisions and better results.